Photo above: Having brought in the clay from a remote forest site, women potters are now engaged in making various types of pots in a Nyanga village. Everything is done by hand and some of the tools used to pound the clay are in stone (Photo Biebuyck, 1954).


A detailed description of the role of the dog in Nyanga society; French translation of the book De Hond bij de Nyanga (see bibliography): Chien Nyanga

A detailed description of Nyanga circumcision rites: Mukumo

List of Nyanga material culture based on field data collected by DB. The list was established in Nyanga, translated into Swahili/Kingwana by Mr. Amato Buuni and Stéfano Tubi, two young Nyanga assistants of DB. All objects were on view in the late 50’s in a small museum organized on the campus of the IRSAC Research Institute in Lwiro (North of Bukavu), DRC. See the list: Nyanga material culture