1956 – 1960 One of a three-member commission for the study of land tenure throughout the Congo; ex-officio appointment by the Institut pour la recherche scientifique en Afrique centrale (Brussels) and the Gouvernement Général (of the then Belgian Congo, Léopoldville). Numerous unpublished reports with limited circulation and some published ones were produced (See Bibliography)

1957 – 1958 Advisor to Fondation Internationale Scientifique (Brussels) leading an international team of cameramen and sound engineers for the filming of the ethnographical scenes of the cinemascope film, “Seigneurs de la Forêt (Vrijheren van het Woud; Masters of the Congo Jungle; Herrscher des Urwaldes); companion books in Dutch, French, English were published by Biebuyck et. al. (See Bibliography)

1958 Member of the Committee, “Les Arts Plastiques,” Brussels World Exhibition; direction Professor F.M. Olbrechts

1958 – 1960 Ethnologue attaché au Gouvernement Général (Léopoldville) to pursue research on Congo Land Tenure Systems and to train at Lovanium University several select members of the Congo administration in field methods specifically relating to research on land tenure patterns and rights

1959 Chair of the Second International African Seminar held at Lovanium University (Kinshasa) and sponsored by the International African Institute (London) and Unesco. Participation of a select number of international experts on Agrarian Systems (Proceedings published by Biebuyck, African Agrarian Systems)

1966 – 1967 Chair of the University of California at Los Angeles Symposium on Creativity and Tradition in Tribal Art (Proceedings published by Biebuyck, Tradition and Creativity in Tribal Art)

1974 Moderator, Symposium, “African Art: New Perspectives,” Ethnic Arts Council of California.