Daniel P. Biebuyck: (updated email)

Brunhilde Biebuyck:

3 thoughts on “CONTACT

  1. Steven Dettwyler, student of Dr. Biebuyck’s from University of Delaware, graduated 1977, would like to know if Dr. Biebuyck is still alive and how he is doing.

    • Dear Steven, my father is still alive and kicking, living in Cabot Park Village in Newton, Massachusetts. He remembers you very well and sends his warmest greetings. With our best wishes, Brune

  2. I apologize for the directness of my question, it was rude. Dr. Biebuyck was and remains one of my favorite professors. His passion for African art and ethnography became my passions as well. I wish him all the very best. With respect and affection, Steven.

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